AVS wants our customers to get the most out of their security system investment. We strive to teach our customers how to utilize more than the basic functionality. Advanced features enable our customers to save time, use resources more effectively and often save money.


We offer on-site training for new installations and provide training upon request. AVS offers several training options to make you an expert user.




Introduction to CCTV - designed to provide an overview of the components included in a CCTV (closed-circuit TV) system or video surveillance system. This course is ideal as a precursor to our other courses. Attendees learn terminology, technology basics, how to compare equipment specifications and how to identify needs for system design.


Surveyor Camera Operator - developed in conjunction with Vicon Industries for the popular Surveyor Camera Series. This course is ideal for ITS (Intelligent Traffic System) technicians, facility managers and security operators. The course covers the camera basics, communications, programming functionality and troubleshooting. Optional advanced training topics such as macros and firmware upgrades can be added on.


Custom - AVS provides training on all custom designed installations.